Let the Agent start/on-line, and the self-test process of the problem

  1. Run //opt/nezha/agent/nezha-agent -s IP/Domin(Panel IP or Domain not connected to CDN):port(Panel RPC port) -p secret(Agent Secret) -d Check the logs to see if the timeout is due to a DNS problem or poor network
  2. nc -v domain/IP port(Panel RPC port) or telnet domain/IP port(Panel RPC port) to check if it' s a network problem, check the inbound and outbound firewall between the local machine and the panel server, if you can' t determine the problem you can check it with the port checking tool provided by https://port.ping.pe/
  3. If the above steps work and the Agent is online, please try to turn off SELinux on the panel server. How to close SELinux?